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(2)-Hour Essential Shoot

Get what you need to kick-start your aerial gallery.

The (2)-hour Essential Shoot includes:

A minimum dozen aerial images,

and a half-dozen (30)-second video clips+. Clips can be shot both horizontally and vertically for easy posting to social media platforms.


Next-Level | Half-Day Shoot

If your product or service involves shooting from various locations at the same address (ie: establishing different angles/views toward mauka/makai backgrounds), it's recommended to confirm a half-day shoot. This will allow for ideal pre-flight planning, set-up, and recloation as needed to capture the best aerial images.

Half-day (4)-Hour Shoot Includes:

A minimum (2) dozen aerial images, and twelve (30)-second video clips+.


All-In | Full-Day Shoot

If you're looking to elevate your images, let's chat about a sunrise or sunset shot, along with what type of images you envision.

Does your shoot require model talent? Do you want to utilize employee talent to capture your product best?

We can collaborate on flight plans and strategy to gather a minimum of (3) dozen aerial images, and a 12-20 (30)-second video clips+.

Photos and videos can be captured horizontally and vertically, as needed.


All packages include pre-flight planning as it relates to the following:

  • Confirming airspace operations and checking FAA NOTAMs and TFR's in advance.

  • Requesting for Airspace Authorization or Operational Waivers via the FAA website, as needed.

  • Remote pilot in Command (RPIC) is FAA certified to operate unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes.

  • Shamrock Seven Studios holds a $1MM General Liability Insurance policy with SkyWatch.Ai.

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