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Why Shamrock Seven Studios?

Behind the Name

Aloha and thank you for visiting this page.

Born and raised on the island of Oahu, my mom is Native Hawaiian; my father is of Scottish and Irish ethnicity.

When deciding what to name my new business, I wanted to honor my family, and especially the memory of my father who passed away from complications of cancer in 2013. My dad always loved model helicopters and flew them often growing up. I know he would have loved drones and would have been excited for my newfound passion for drone technology and creating aerial images.

Interestingly enough, the shamrock, which grows abundantly all across Ireland, was what St. Patrick used to share and explain Christianity to the Irish way back when. The three leaves of the shamrock (not to be confused with a clover, which has four leaves), represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - creating the Holy Trinity. This means something to me as a Christian. So, we have the shamrock representing my father's ancestors, my faith, and believe it or not, my Native Hawaiian mother was born on the most Irish of all holidays. You guessed it - local girl was born on St. Patrick's day! :-)

In addition to honoring my parents, the shamrock's three leaves further represents my three children: Joshua, Makayla, and Logan. That covers the shamrock. Seven is just my last name backwards - SEVEN | NEVES - and seven is a pretty lucky number, right? I envision this studio to grow to encompass more than just providing aerial photography and videography, and eventually hope to offer additional marketing, social media, and content creation services to all clients.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey! I look forward to working with you!

Sincerely, Erica

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